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Here at my wine cellar we offer you specialty wine making services. Our experienced and educated staff make it fun and easy for you to make your favorite wines in only a matter of weeks. All you need to do is come to the store and choose from our array of wines from around the world and sprinkle some yeast to get your personalized wine started.

Over the next 4-8 weeks, or even up to a year, the staff at my wine cellar will take your wine through the steps needed to create the best quality wine. Once your wine is ready for bottling you book an appointment to come to the store where you will clean and sterilize your bottles and fill them with your own custom-made wine. Once you have put on your labels and shrink tops, you take your wine home and enjoy it as you like, whether it’s the moment you get home, over the next few months, or even in your own cellar aged over years!


When choosing your wine we have options for everyone’s taste. Whether you enjoy a light and crisp Sauvignon Blanc or a rich, full-bodied Shiraz we have the wine for you.

Our premium quality products are our 6-8 week kits – these wines can be enjoyed by the most experienced wine connoisseur as well as those new to the world of wine. These wines are truly complex, boasting genuine varietal character because we select only the finest 100% varietal grape juice and grape concentrates from among the world’s premier vineyards. Many wine kits include specially chosen toasted oak chips for barrel-aged character and increased depth. This marriage of the finest quality ingredients can only mean one thing: a superior wine in your glass. Our 4-5 week wines are also very popular with our customers, while the time frame is more convenient to many people, the wines also provide a high quality product suitable for earlier enjoyment.

In the Fall we obtain pure white juice and red grapes from the Okanagan, Washington and California, so come in and ask us about this pure Oak Barrel aged wine.  Remember that all our wine is custom made, so if you enjoy heavy Oak, fewer sulphites, or a little sweetness – we can adjust the wine to your personal taste.

Below is a selection of the wines that you can make at my wine cellar:

White Wine Red Wine

4-6 Week Wines $114.99
California White
Pinot Grigio
Sauvignon Blanc

5-7 Week Wines “Grand Cru Int.” $144.99
California Chardonnay
California White Zinfandel (Blush)
French Rose (Blush)
Italian Pinot Grigio
Italian Verdicchio
German Gewurztraminer
German Muller Thurgau
German Riesling
Ontario Sauvignon Blanc
South African Chenin Blanc

6-8 Week Wines “Cru Select” $164.99
Argentinean Trio – Viognier/ Riesling / Chardonnay
Australian Chardonnay
Australian Viognier / Pinot Gris
German Gewürztraminer
Italian Pinot Grigio
New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc

8 Week Wines “En Primeur Winery Series” $184.99

Australian Riesling Gewurtztraminer
Chilean Chardonnay
South African Sauvignon Blanc
Italian Pinot Grigio
Winemakers Trio (Sauvignon Blanc/Pinot Grigio/Muscat)
Chilean Pinot Noir Rose

4-6 Week Wines $114.99
Cabernet Sauvignon
Pinot Noir
Vieux Chateau du Roi

5-7 Week Wines “Grand Cru Int.” $144.99
Argentinial Malbec / Syrah
Australian Cabernet Sauvignon
British Columbia Pinot Noir
British Columbia Meritage
California Cabernet
California Syrah
California Zinfandel (Primitivo)
Chilean Cabernet Merlot
Chilean Malbec
Chilean Merlot
Italian Nebbiolo (Barolo)
Italian Sangiovese (Brunello)
Italian Valpola (Valpolicella)
French Vieux Chateau du Roi
Washington Merlot

6-8 Week Wines “Cru Select” $164.99
Australian Cabernet Sauvignon
Australian Cabernet / Shiraz / Merlot
Australian Shiraz
California Old Vine Zinfandel
California Pinot Noir
Chilean Cabernet / Malbec / Carmenere
Chilean Malbec
French Merlot
Italian Amarone
Italian Rosso Grande
Italian Sangiovese

7-8 Week Wines “En Primeur Winery Series” $184.99
Australian Cabernet Sauvignon
Australian Shiraz
Chilean Carmenere
Chilean Malbec
French Grenache Syrah
Italian Amarone
Italian Old Vine Zinfandel
Italian Rosso Grande Excellente
Italian Super Tuscan
Italian Valpolicella
Washington Merlot
Winemakers Trio (Cab/Shiraz/Zin)


Specialty Wines

4 Week (Red / White) $159.99
1/2 Batch available $114.99
Vidal Ice Wine Style (White) $319.99
1/2 Batch available $169.99
Cabernet Franc (Seasonal) $269.99
1/2 Batch available $149.99
Riesling $269.99
1/2 Batch available $149.99
6 Week Ports $239.99
1/2 Batch available $129.99
Premium Port
Black Forrest Port (seasonal)

Restricted Quantities (RQ)
Every new year we get access to premium 8 week wines which are limited in supply but exceptional in quality.  First release is every January…Ask us for details!!


Fruit Wines +$20.00
Choose from one of our many flavours or Bring in your own Blackberries / Raspberries / Blueberries / Strawberries, etc and add them to your wine.

Orchard Breezin’ $119.99

Ask for a selection of these popular fruit wines.
Ice Wines

Kit Barrel Projects +$25.00
We age Premium 8 week wines, or 4 Months in oak barrels in our cellar.

Harvest Projects – Exclusively at MWC $180-250
In the fall, our customers may choose
from a selection of full-bodied red wine
from imported grapes at harvest and
white wine from 100% imported grape
juice. Ask us for details.